About me

Johan Reitsma - Profile

Hi, my name is Johan Reitsma. I am a Lead Developer at TRES in the Netherlands. I am a Umbraco Certified Master and a big fan of Umbraco since 2013 and a .NET developer since 2005.

I've been working with Umbraco since 2014. I have worked with various versions of Umbraco (v7, v8, and v10). My love for Umbraco is huge because of the community and because of the power to build great websites or applications using Umbraco.

I started my career in 2005 as a Narrowcasting software developer using .NET Framework 1.1 and C# - DirectX.

This was hard, really. No documentation, bad search, and a crappy framework for Managed DirectX. But we got it working. 

Unfortunately, the market for Narrowcasting was narrow so I joined the ASP Classic build team at the same company. There we fixed copying every project and realized a basic core app and Template system for projects. 

Because .NET was the future we continued working on a new CMS in .NET. Still I believe this was a super awesome CMS only it was too technical. 

After the company joined with another company in Groningen we wanted to find an open-source Umbraco. And there it was. Umbraco 7 BETA. 

This was the newest and a beautiful CMS! So we switched, and now still I'm loving it!



My Hobbies

So next to my career I have a couple of hobbies, one of them is my old car. An Opel Manta. 

Why? Because working with your head also requires some relaxation where you don't have to work hard. Yes, you need to drive but on country roads, it's a great way to relax. Also debugging this car is a simple way of putting a lightbulb between the electronics stuff. No fancy computers but only relais.


Opel Manta