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Quick Tip: Debugging Umbraco webhooks with Ngrok

I use Ngrok as a tool to expose my local server to the internet. It helps me by creating a secure tunnel from the public internet to my application on my local machine.

This is extremely useful when I need to test an external web service that is pushing data to our applications. Especially when there is an error with that service in production, or when I can't use it directly for local development. Sometimes the error only occurs in your web application in production mode. Then, it could be a data error where your local environments can't access this data directly.

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Quick Tip: Serving media from a live environment

So with all our projects at TRES, we don't want to store all the media in source control. But if we are working locally we want to have media visible. This means many developers download media from the Test environment and then run the site. This is quickly done for a simple site, but sometimes our sites contain Gigabytes of data. 

So why not manipulate the media URL to point to our test environment?

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